Red Coyote Cottonwood Flats Invitational – Guthrie (9/7/19) Results

Girls’ Team Results:

No. TeamPoints
3Edmond North130
7Putnam City West162
8Norman North173
9Bishop McGuinness182
13Western Heights355

NHS Girls’ Individual Results:

No. NameTime
1Vicky Chen20:22
2Charlotte Means20:35
3Seneca Henderson21:47
4Shelby Pippins22:40
5Chloe Soto22:56
6Addie Yoon23:30
7Emily Finocchiaro23:56
8Kaitlyn Chen24:01
9Dorothy Winston24:21
10Alli Laird24:27
11Raelee Houck24:28
12Mykenzi Miles24:49
13Kiley Kortemeier25:20
14Isabella Nimmo25:40
15Hinson Scott25:46
16Alex McGinnis26:12
17Maggie Bennett26:14
18Maria Orgaz Jimenez26:24
19Melat Lemma26:56
20Aida Yuste27:46
21Kayleigh Hennigan27:48
22Kiara Kortemeier28:42
23Coral Douglas29:17
24Ruth Castro30:34
25Jennifer Albert30:35
26Ianna Wabskie34:35
27Janet Ogungbuyi39:06

Boys’ Team Results:

No. TeamPoints
4Oklahoma Christian165
5Edmond North169
11Bishop McGuinness250
13Northwest Classen293
14Norman North301
15Putnam City West462
18Western Heights498

NHS Boys’ Individual Results:

No. NameTime
1Espen Ekadis17:05
2Colin Berryhill17:26
3Ayden Wilson17:32
4Criss Coulter17:57
5Brandon Cervantes18:24
6Spencer Greene18:29
7Mason Millsap19:08
8Breyden Boyd19:09
9Kenneth Barnes-Smith19:17
10Cole Morris19:22
11Anthony Yoon19:23
12Cody Perren19:47
13Liam Fithian19:48
14Nicky Hathaway19:52
15Kaed Petroski19:56
16Cole Eberle20:02
17Landon Gibbins20:09
18Michael Parker20:25
19Asa Bonner20:45
20Clay Morris20:55
21Xander Emanuel21:00
22Chris Escobar21:12
23Jeremiah Lorance21:25
24Matthew Hopkins22:08
25Clayton Meixsell25:35
26Aiden Walton27:33
27Ezekiel Miller27:51
28Joshua Martin33:02

Brookhaven 5K (8/31/19) Results

Girls’ Individual Results

No.NameTime2018 Time
1Vicky Chen20:03
2Charlotte Means20:28
3Esther White21:37
4Rose Crawford21:5121:52
5Shelby Pippins22:2226:18
6Chloe Soto22:50
7Kaitlyn Chen22:54
8Addie Yoon23:0827:36
8Ella Pantalone23:0823:01
10Dorothy Winston23:27
11Emily Finocchiaro23:34
12Alli Laird23:3624:16
13Raelee Houck24:04
14Melat Lemma24:2426:24
15Seneca Henderson24:3123:56
16Mykenzi Miles24:3823:44
17Maggie Bennett24:41
18Hinson Scott25:00
19Isabella Nimmo25:0726:32
20Amelia Backus25:2626:25
21Kiara Kortemeier26:4228:34
22Kiley Kortemeier26:5626:22
22Lileean Quiros26:5626:29
24Kayleigh Hennigan27:14
25Coral Douglas27:4428:30
26Diana Roldan27:49
27Lindi Stephens32:01
28Jennifer Albert35:57

Boys’ Individual Results

No.NameTime2018 Time
1Espen Ekadis16:4019:08
2Colin Berryhill16:5717:51
3Ayden Wilson17:0616:53
4Breyden Boyd17:2317:29
5Criss Coulter17:3820:06
6Thomas Payton17:45
7Cody Perren17:5619:05
8Brandon Cervantes17:5719:36
9Phin Bonner17:59
10Spencer Greene18:0619:04
11Kenneth Barnes-Smith18:1021:45
12Hadi Fawad18:3219:43
13Mason Millsap18:3519:51
14Anthony Yoon18:5021:52
15Cole Morris18:5621:40
16Liam Fithian19:0819:54
17Nicky Hathaway19:1319:52
18Asa Bonner19:2619:06
19Clay Morris19:3421:12
20Cole Eberle19:37
20Kaed Petroski19:3719:14
22Landon Gibbins19:42
23Eli McCracken19:48
24Chris Escobar20:07
24Xander Emanuel20:0721:22
26Michael Parker20:21
27Matthew Hopkins20:2822:45
28Jeremiah Lorance20:33
29Gavin Alberts20:41
30Takaki Mishima21:11
31Quinn Swatek21:5018:49
32Clayton Meixsell24:19
33Joshua Martin26:55
34Ezekiel Miller27:36

Runners of the Week (8/10/19 & 8/24/19)

We have some catching up to do. Below are the Runners of the Week for the Preseason Challenge (8/10/19).

From left to right: Raelee Houck, Alex McGinnis, Seneca Henderson, Hadi Fawad, Phin Bonner, and Aiden Walton.

And here are your Runners of the Week for the Greenhill Relays in Dallas (8/24/19). Congratulations everyone!

From left to right: Melat Lemma, Hinson Scott, Addie Yoon, Anthony Yoon, Criss Coulter, and Cole Morris.

Update from the Coaches

There will be practice on Labor Day (9/2)

We will have a morning practice on Thursday (9/5), the day of the NHS/North football game. 6:00 a.m. for 0 hour & Band (and anyone who wants to show up), 6:15 a.m. for rest of team

9/7 Guthrie Meet:  Bus will leave from the NHS soccer complex at 6:30 a.m. Race schedule:
9:00 Varsity Girls
9:30 Varsity Boys
10:00 JV Girls
10:30 JV Boys
11:00 7th Girls
11:20 7th Boys
11:40 8th Girls
12:00 8th Boys

This year the OK Runner Classic is on a Saturday (9/21).  Race times are as follows:
9:00 Varsity Girls
9:30 Varsity Boys
10:00 JV Girls
10:30 JV Boys

Greenhill Relays – Dallas (8/24/19) Results

5A/6A Girl’s Team Results (9th out of 36):
1. Hebron (35:21)
2. Highland Park (35:26)
3. McKinney Boyd (36:00)
4. Frisco Reedy (37:11)
5. Highland Park (37:59)
6. Kaufman (38:00)
7. Southlake Carroll (38:50)
8. McKinney Boyd (39:12)
9. Norman (39:17)

No.NameTime2018 Time
1Vicky Chen9:159:45
2Charlotte Means9:27
3Seneca Henderson9:4211:24
4Rose Crawford10:0510:15
5Shelby Pippins10:1510:43
6Addie Yoon10:3311:50
7Melat Lemma10:3712:17
8Alex McGinnis10:46
9Mykenzi Miles11:0110:56
10Ella Pantalone11:0311:07
11Raelee Houck11:05
12Dorothy Winston11:05
13Kaitlyn Chen11:08
14Hinson Scott11:2012:47
15Alli Laird11:2710:54
16Maggie Bennett11:28
17Isabella Nimmo11:3211:50
18Kiley Kortemeier11:4111:49
19Lilleean Quiros12:0612:06
20Kiara Kortemeier12:0712:41
21Kayleigh Hennigan12:09
22Maria Orgaz Jimenez12:14
23Diana Roldan12:50
24Coral Douglas12:5313:03
25Lindi Stephens13:03
26Jennifer Albert13:43
27Ruth Castro13:51
28Ianna Wabskie15:14
29Janet Ogunbuyi15:58

5A/6A Boy’s Team Results (8th out of 38):
1. Hebron (30:13)
2. Eaton (30:37)
3. Southlake Carroll (30:50)
4. McKinney Boyd (30:52)
5. Frisco Reedy (30:59)
6. Jesuit Dallas (31:00)
7. Wylie (31:15)
8. Norman (31:59)

No. NameTime2018 Time
1Espen Ekadis7:468:43
2Ayden Wilson7:527:51
3Colin Berryhill8:018:53
4Criss Coulter8:078:57
5Spencer Greene8:168:55
6Hadi Fawad8:189:16
7Phin Bonner8:20
8Thomas Payton8:228:17
9Kenneth Barnes-Smith8:239:05
10Cody Perren8:258:14
11Breyden Boyd8:268:12
12Brandon Cervantes8:278:53
13Cole Morris8:299:41
14Anthony Yoon8:359:49
15Mason Millsap8:419:15
16Nicky Hathaway8:499:06
17Kaed Petroski8:518:47
18Cole Eberle8:55
19Michael Parker8:57
20Liam Fithian9:018:51
21Xander Emanuel9:059:25
22Landon Gibbins9:08
23Gavin Alberts9:19
24Chris Escobar9:22
25Jeremiah Lorance9:23
26Matthew Hopkins9:2410:17
27Eli McCrackin9:29
28Clay Morris9:399:41
29Takaki Mishima9:49
30Ezekiel Miller11:32
31Josh Martin11:37
32Aiden Walton11:44
33Clayton Meixsell11:52
34Kade Waggoner12:25

Preseason Challenge (8/10/19) Results

Girl’s Team Results:
1. Norman                   15
2. Westmoore          83

No.NameTime2018 Time
1Vicky Chen12:59
2Seneca Henderson13:1915:32
3Chloe Soto13:36
4Esther White13:5013:11
5Rose Crawford14:0114:11
6Shelby Pippins14:58
7Dorothy Winston15:02
8Alex McGinnis15:05
9Addie Yoon15:0616:53
10Emily Finocchiaro15:11
11Kaitlyn Chen15:13
12Raelee Houck15:25
13Alison Laird15:3116:31
14Mykenzi Miles15:3215:26
15Kenzie Baze15:3415:16
16Ella Pantalone15:3916:02
17Melat Lemma15:5417:04
18Maggie Bennett16:08
19Charlotte Means16:24
20Kiley Kortemeier16:3117:09
21Hinson Scott16:3716:52
22Lileean Quiros16:4717:07
23Kayleigh Hennigan17:0717:06
24Kiara Kortemeier17:0818:26
25Isabella Nimmo17:1218:38
26Coral Douglas18:5119:08
27Diana Roldan18:58
28Janet Ogungbuyi23:12

Boy’s Team Results:
1. Westmoore 24
2. Norman 31

No.NameTime2018 Time
1Espen Ekadis10:4912:00
2Griffin Storm11:0311:11
3Ayden Wilson11:0411:09
4Colin Berryhill11:0911:29
5Breyden Boyd11:1911:39
6Hadi Fawad11:2313:11
7Spencer Greene11:2712:23
8Reece Gibbins11:3110:54
9Brandon Cervantes11:34
10Jake Armstrong11:3612:25
11Kenneth Barnes-Smith11:3812:48
12Mason Millsap11:4012:56
13Phin Bonner11:41
14Anthony Yoon11:5614:19
15Thomas Payton12:0311:39
16Nicholas Hathaway12:1712:41
17Asa Bonner12:1812:34
18Kaed Petroski12:1912:22
19Klay Realrider12:20
20Cole Morris12:2112:37
21Michael Parker12:23
22Harrison Powers12:27
23Cole Eberle12:36
24Liam Fithian12:4612:20
25Eli McCracken12:51
26Clay Morris12:5612:52
27Landon Gibbins12:58
28Lake Campbell13:04
29Xander Emanuel13:1213:16
30Matthew Hopkins13:1614:54
31Takaki Mishima14:18
32Aiden Walton17:08
33Ezekiel Miller17:37
34Joshua Martin18:10

Team T-shirts

The link for parents and other non-athletes to purchase a team t-shirt is below. Select Norman Cross Country to see our TWO options for team t-shirts. You can choose which one you’d like, or you can order both! We will be ordering the athlete shirts separately and for $10 each instead of $15. If you have any questions, please contact Coach Bonner.

2019 Season Announcements

Social Media: Norman High XC is on social media! Follow us to stay up to date on how our runners are doing.
Instagram: @nhstigersxctf
Twitter: @NHS_TF_XC

Communication:  We use the remind app for communication.  Here are our program team notifications:
HS student athletes:  81010     @19nhsx
HS parents:  81010     @19x
JH kids & parents:  81010     @19njhx

Parents Meeting will be Tuesday, August 6, at the NHS Commons, from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Practices will be held at 6:45 a.m. – 8:45 a.m. at the NHS soccer/softball/cross country complex behind Irving, off of SE 24th Ave., 1/4 mile south of Alameda, up until school starts. Once school starts, the weather will dictate time/location of practices. Morning practices typically last until Labor Day weekend.  Once school starts, if practices continue to be held in the morning, will be held at the NHS track, and student athletes will have showers made available to them prior to classes starting.

Brookhaven Run will be Saturday, August 31, here in Norman at the Brookhaven Village. We are in need of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer that morning, please contact our Booster Club officers

Team Fundraiser will launch Friday, August 9, and will last three weeks.  Student athletes are asked to come up with 20 e-mail addresses of family/friends/etc.  

Dallas Trip (8/23-24):  Here is our tentative itinerary (link)
Parents wanting to stay at our team hotel, here is the info:

Group Name:Norman High School Cross Country Parents
Group Code:NHP
Hotel Name:DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas Near the Galleria
Hotel Address:4099 Valley View Lane
 Dallas, Texas
Phone Number:9723859000